Yoga socks – knitting – ideas

Yoga socks – knitting – ideas

Free crochet pattern * toadstool

White crochet wallet #girlsknit White crochet wallet

benuta Naturals wool carpet Windsor light green ø 120 cm round – natural fiber carpet made of wool

Take: 1 ball of sock wool, which produces some kind of stripes (or other wool) 1 circular knitting needle of the appropriate size Cast on a stitch, knit 2 out of it, turn and …

Inspiration – mix of patterns, purchase instructions

Patchwork granny blanket ★ free instructions ★

Magic knot Connect two balls together – YouTube

Join 2 pieces of wool as the sailor does in the long run, #Join #long #pieces #run #sailor

Instructions: Knit mini socks with keychain


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