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crochet cloth instructions for you! | .: SUSAlabim-blog:.

Triangle Shawl_Knitted11

Balloon pattern The balloon pattern is based on the Bubble Socks pattern. The pattern is ideal for knitting scraps of wool …

Muñecos tejidos – # Muñecos #Tejidos

This baby jacket is ready in no time! Knitted with knitting needles No. 9 is the free online knitting instruction for the baby jacket for 6 to 9 months.

Material: 4-ply sock wool, approx. 25g double pointed needles 2-3 crochet hook no. 2.5 Instructions: It starts with an ear flap. For this, 3 stitches are taken up, then the row is worked smoothly. str., in each H …


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